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The Future of Real Estate is Here

Let AI Give You Superpowers
  • Event Coordinator

  • Legal Counsel

  • Human Resources Assistance

  • Content Creator

  • Research Analyst

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Transaction Coordinator.

  • Sales Assistant

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Marketing Specialist

  • Virtual Recruiter

  • Financial Analyst

  • Technical Support Engineer

  • Email Marketing

  • Scheduling Coordinator


Learn how to build AI personas

Introducing AI personas on ChatGPT, your game-changing solution to boost productivity, enhance customer experience, and transform the way you work.


AI personas on ChatGPT - your key to navigating the digital world with efficiency and precision, freeing you up to focus on what truly matters: growth, creativity, and strategic decision-making. Welcome to the future of work!

How we do it


Introduction to AI Personas with Ensource Financial

In this inaugural session, Mark Cruz, an experienced AI expert, will walk you through the concept of AI personas. He'll introduce you to the transformative potential of AI in real estate, shedding light on personas like the Virtual Assistant, Transaction Coordinator, Sales Assistant, and Customer Service Representative. Mark will demonstrate how these AI personas can automate routine tasks, boost productivity, and enhance customer interactions.


Hands-On Experience

with AI/ChatGPT

In this hands-on class, participants will get to interact directly with AI personas. Mark will guide you through a simulated real estate scenario, where you will learn how to use AI for tasks such as scheduling property viewings, automating transaction documentation, assisting in sales negotiations, and handling customer inquiries. This engaging, practical experience will give you a taste of how AI can revolutionize your daily operations.


Post-Class Continuity and Engagement

After the class, you will receive an email containing the prompts and other AI features discussed during the class. This resource will be your guide to integrating AI into your real estate practices. As part of the post-class engagement, Mark will provide updates on the latest AI developments, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving real estate landscape.

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