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Top Mortgage Broker Partners With Realtor To Give Client the Best Deal in Miami

A mortgage is a loan used to finance a home. Mortgages allow the borrower to take out a large amount of money and pay it back at one interest rate over a long period of time. The funds you borrow with a mortgage can be used to finance or refinance a property. Many lenders take advantage of the ignorance of first-time borrowers on the subject to obtain extra money. Our following client was lucky enough to fall into the hands of the best mortgage company in Miami.

Jill Rudison is a homeowner who wanted to buy her dream home in Miami. She happened to be friends with Zuleika Ramos, a Realtor who we often do business with. Following the advice of her Realtor, our client contacted us. She quickly got processed and our Angels made sure her loan process started as soon as possible.

After processing the initial inquiry, our team of professionals processed our client’s documents to ensure she was getting the best deal available. We were ready to show our client the results of our pre-approval once the documents and numbers had been processed. She qualified for a 30-year conventional loan with a rate of 3.375%, and was approved by one of the best wholesale mortgage lenders in the country, United Wholesale Mortgage.

The pre-approval procedure was finished. Our Angels were in constant contact with Jill, answering any questions she had and following up with everyone involved in the loan process until the very closing date. Once the conditions of the loan were completed and approved, a date was scheduled for its closing.

The closing day had finally arrived and our client was eager to finally own the home she had long wanted to buy. Our CEO Mark Cruz met with our client Jill and the Realtor Zuleika to carry out the necessary procedures for the closing and finalize the transaction.

The closing went off beautifully, and even our CEO’s doggo was present. Our client and the Realtor were very pleased with our services, and everyone had a great time during the closing. In conclusion, thanks to our efforts, our client Jill was able to finance her home at a very low rate (3.375%)*, the closing took less than 20 days, and this Miami homebuyer could now enjoy her new home at zero closing costs, knowing that she'd received the best mortgage in the state.

Below you can watch Jill’s closing experience along with her Realtor friend Zuleika. 👇

"You definitely have to call Mark and Zuly"

Are you looking to finance your first property and don't know how? Don't waste your only opportunity to receive the best loan you can find in all Florida! If you are looking to finance a property in Miami, we are here to make it happen. Contact us today at (305)-677-9984 or (305)-614-2557 and be part of the Ensource Experience.

*Disclaimer: All loans are subject to credit approval. Interest rates are subject to change daily and without notice. Current interest rates shown are indicative of market conditions and individual qualifications and will vary upon your lock-in period, loan type, credit score, purpose and loan to value.

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