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Florida Heroes Buy Their Dream Home With the Lowest Rate Thanks to Our Mortgage Broker Company

Local heroes including police officers, firefighters, teachers, and nurses are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with Florida's skyrocketing housing costs. Fortunately, our next couple of heroes had the opportunity to finance their dream home thanks to Florida's leading mortgage company.

Kelley Ann Asbury is a Nurse and Nathaniel Asbury is a Veteran who one day were looking at a home in an open house, where they met our CEO Mark and immediately hit it off. It turned out these pair of heroes were getting a super high rate from their lender. When Mark found out about this, he promised the couple he could give them a better rate in a heartbeat. The two agreed and their initial consultation began. The Florida heroes got in touch with our team of Angels, who answered their questions and helped them through the entire process.

After the initial consultation, our team of Angels began gathering the couple's documents to ensure they were receiving the best deal available. Following the completion of the application by our clients and the processing of the demanded paperwork, we were prepared to provide our pre-approval results to the pair. Their expectations were exceded after reading the results, since both of them qualified for our Hero Next Door program; and on top of that, they got a lower rate than the one their initial lender was offering them.

Pre-approval procedures were finished. Our team of Angels stayed in touch with our clients at every situation, responding to any questions he had and following up with each party involved in the loan process so that he could be part of the entire Ensource Experience. The conditions for this loan were processed through UWM, and the clear to close was obtained after some back and forth. A closing date was established once the loan was prepared to close.

Ensource Financial honors heroes like our clients Nathaniel and Kelley who selflessly serve our city and risk their life to keep us safe. As part of the Ensource Experience, we offer a program called "Hero Next Door" for first responders, police officers, teachers, veterans, and healthcare professionals. When a client is eligible for our HND program, they are given a reimbursement of up to $500 for their appraisal as a token of appreciation for all the hard work these heroes deliver every day.

The closing day had come, and our heroes were eager to get the keys to their new home. Our CEO Mark Cruz got together with the homebuyers and their awesome Realtor Vania Bourdeau to finally sign the closing documents with the peace of mind that we get everytime we help our everyday heroes finance their dream homes.

The services we offered to our client and his wife were very much appreciated, and they all enjoyed the closing experience. Our clients got to save $210,000 during the life of their loan, and they also acknowledged their appreciation for our efforts by sharing their experience on this video below. Take a look! 👇

"I just want to say thank you!"
"We're very, very grateful that everybody came together"

Are you a Hero Next Door or know someone who is? It's time to receive the attention and appreciation you heroes deserve. If you’re looking to finance a property in Miami or refinance your current mortgage — we’re here to make it happen! Contact us today at (305)-677-9984 or (305)-614-2557 and be part of the Ensource Experience.

*Disclaimer: All loans are subject to credit approval. Interest rates are subject to change daily and without notice. Current interest rates shown are indicative of market conditions and individual qualifications and will vary upon your lock-in period, loan type, credit score, purpose and loan to value.

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